Terms & Conditions

1A - Members Badge Draw

2B - Cart Hire Terms



1A. Members Badge Draw

The Members Badge Draw is considered a Trade Promotions Lottery.


  1. Entry form is not required.
  2. All financial members over the age of 18 will be entered into the badge draw promotion.
  3. All categories of financial club members are invited to attend the club on dates the badge is published to take place


  1. The Members Badge Draw commences with an opening start up figure of $2000 and jackpots $100 each week until won, with a maximum prize of $10,000. Once the jackpot reaches $10,000 one draw is made each published date until won.


3.Rules and Conditions:

  1. The draw may be conducted any time between the hours of 6.30pm and 8.00pm. However if a drawn time is published this must be adhered to.
  2. A draw takes place each Wednesday and Friday.
  3. The random number generator will be programmed with the lowest to highest membership number.
  4. One number will be drawn and the winning number will be announced into the top level of the club, the member must be within the Clubhouse when the draw is made and will have up to four minutes to attend the draw desk and claim their prize. 
  5. If during any draw a malfunction or error occurs due to technical or human error, the draw will be null and void and deemed not to have been conducted and there shall be no prize winner for that draw.
  6. Without limitation, a malfunction or error shall include but not be limited to:
  • Not all relevant membership numbers being programmed into the random number generator.
  • A membership number being programmed into the random number generator when the member was not entitled to enter the draw.
  1. If a malfunction or error occurs due to technical or human error in any draw, a redraw is to take place.
  2. If all members attending the null and void draw are present at the time that an announcement is made to the effect that a malfunction or error has occurred and that a redraw will take place, the redraw will take place immediately.
  3. If any member who was present at the null and void draw has left the club at the announcement of a redraw, the redraw will take place the following week.
  4. If a redraw is to take place pursuant to the preceding paragraph, a notice of the redraw will be posted on the club’s notice board.
  5. Staff or persons directly conducting the draw are not eligible to enter the Members Badge Draw promotion.
  6. Members Badge Draw is to commence Wednesday 3rd February annually and conclude Wednesday 8th February annually.


  1. Any disputes regarding the draw must be submitted in writing to the CEO
  2. Any complaints concerning the conduct of the draw may also be submitted to the Office of Liquor and Gaming via webcomplaints@olgr.nsw.gov.au or phoning (02) 9995 0837.


It is a condition of hiring carts that:

  1. Maximum of 2 persons riding in or on a cart at any one time
  2. Maximum of 2 sets of golf clubs in or on a cart at any one time
  3. No standing on bumper bars
  4. No driving through ground under repair
  5. No driving through trees 
  6. No driving on tees or greens
  7. No driving within 10 metres of greens or across blue lines in place to protect areas of the course
  8. No excessive speed
  9. Avoid wet areas
  10. All rubbish i.e. cans, bottles, paper etc. will be removed from the cart at the end of hire
  11. No unlicensed persons under 18 to hire carts, unless performing duties on behalf of the Pro Shop
  12. No learner permit holders to hire or drive carts
  13. No feet to be placed on dash or body of cart in a manner that may cause damage
  14. Hirer must obey all directions given by Pro Shop staff, club officials and staff, including greens staff
  15. Hirer accepts full responsibility for any NEW damage to the hired cart. This may include replacement parts, labour and lost income from cart being unhireable for excessive damage

  16. The hirer accepts the cart is at their risk for the duration of the hire. The hirer waives all and any claim, right or causes of action I, our respective heirs, executors and administrators might have, for, or arising from loss of life or injury, damage or loss of any description whatsoever and howsoever caused (including negligence of any person, corporation or body involved in the running and administration of PORT MACQUARIE GOLF CLUB LTD and Pro Shop) suffered or sustained in the course of, consequent upon, or identical to our hiring of the cart.