Port Macquarie Golf Club is committed to being a positive contributor to the local area. Whilst offering gambling facilities as part of our venue such as gaming machines, TAB and Keno we recognise that not all customers are able to control their use of such facilities in a responsible and harmless manner. We are committed to making help available to customers who are experiencing gambling problems. We maintain membership with ClubSAFE and the following is available to all customers: 

  • Multi-Venue Self Exclusion – By arranging a meeting with a Senior Manager we can arrange for a multi-venue self exclusion which prevents you from entering gaming or TAB areas within our region.
  • Counselling – Free and available through either ClubSAFE (1800 99 77 66) or via Mid North Coast Financial Counselling Services (1300 662 540) 
  • Self-imposed limits – via our membership system a customer can place a daily maximum limit on gaming play that can occur whilst their membership card is in a gaming machine. Whilst we can’t control if you remove the card and continue to play, the limit for some can act as an alert that a budget has been reached.
  • Ethically friendly marketing and use of data – Whilst we have access to data about gaming levels for individuals we will not target marketing to known gaming players. We consider these players most in need of help and least in need of marketing targetted to maintain or increase gaming profit for the Club. We believe this position is consistent with the ideologies of the Responsible conduct of Gambling requirements.
  • Staff Training – Ensure all Bar & Gaming staff have completed the required Responsible conduct of Gambling training.