Seaside Classic Week of Golf


We regretfully inform you that our Morgan’s Seaside Classic Tournament has been CANCELLED due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

We understand the disappointment you may feel and we hope that you can understand the reason for our decision as we can assure you, it was not taken lightly.

Refunds will be given in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Seaside Classic Board



The Morgan's Seaside Classic has been a part of the Port Macquarie Golf Club annual calendar since 1967.

The week comprises:

First Sunday : Junior Seaside Classic and Medley 4BBB

Monday : Men's and Women's Individual Stableford

Tuesday & Wednesday: Women's 36 hole Seaside Classic (18 holes per day) and individual day competitions (Stableford option)

Thursday : Men's 4BBB Stableford 

Friday : Medley 4BBB Stableford

Saturday & Sunday: Men's 36 Hole Seaside Classic (18 holes per day).


2019 Seaside Classic Results

Event 1 Medley 4BBB Stableford results

Event 3 Men's Single Stableford results

Event 4 Ladies Single Stableford results

Event 5 Ladies Seaside Classic results

Event 6 Men's 4BBB Stableford results

Event 7 Medley 4BBB Stableford results

Event 8 Men's Seaside Classic Saturday results

Event 8 Men's Seaside Classic Sunday results

Event 8 Men's Seaside Classic 36 Holes results