Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

For all membership enquiries please email or call us on 6582 0409.

Is there a suggestion box or place to leave suggestions?

There is no suggestion box. Any feedback or suggestions by members can either be sent in writing to PO BOX 9477 Lighthouse Beach Nsw 2444, left at the office or emailed to .

Why can't I take relief from tree roots on the course? 

The Club's committee's have considered this request many times and determined that no local rule is to be in place to provide relief from tree roots. Any player can take relief from a tree root by taking an unplayable lie under penalty. If there is a safety concern the player should consider taking an unplayable lie.

Is the Miclub booking opening times and lock out periods determined by the Club or Miclub?

The Club sets the opening times and lock out periods for the Miclub booking system considerate of recommendation from golf sub-committees. Each sub-committee (Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Men's Vets & Women's Vets) determines the opening times and lock outs relevant to their playing group. 

Why is Miclub online bookings locked at times?

At a certain point close to the first group playing in a comp the online cancel or book function for Miclub closes and all changes must be relayed to the Pro Shop. This has been determined to be the most practical method for the starter to co-ordinate order of play and groupings. Some sub-committees have the online booking function locked prior to release to allow players in attendance but on the course the opportunity to book before times are released online.

I have a cart in storage, do I need my own insurance?

Yes. Personal carts in storage are not covered by the Club's Insurance. If you have a cart or bike in storage you should have it insured either as a stand alone item or as a noted item on your home insurance even though it is kept away from home.

I'm on the cart storage waitlist but will not be a full playing member for a year or two , can I stay on the cart storage waitlist?

No. Only Full playing members can be on the cart storage waitlist. If you relinquish your full playing membership, you relinquish your spot on the wait list.

The Course is Closed or Carts are off, can I still take a cart to the practice range?

No. Carts off means carts off. Course closed includes all practice facilities.

What is the size of the land the course sits on?

63.64 Hectares , from the Notice of Valuation (Land & Property Management Authority)

I disagree with a decision or policy of the Board, why can't I amend the decision or policy via a motion at an AGM?

The Club's Constitution outlines the powers of the Board to essentially manage the affairs of the Club on behalf of the Members. The Members powers in the constitution do not extend to reversing or directing the Board in excercising its powers. For instance a motion by members to reduce drink prices, fill in a bunker or to reverse another decision of the Board may be discussed but will not be binding upon the Board. The Members powers extend to removing directors or special resolutions to amend the Constitution.