Board & Governance

Chief Executive Officer/General Manager

Ian Munro -

Assistant General Manager

Lauren Charlton -


Board of Directors

Vice President Mr Gordon Bain -
Captain Mr Neil Smith -
Directors Mr Paul Atkin - 
  Mr Nicholas Ratcliffe -
  Mr Les Murphy -
  Mr John Cullinane -
  Mrs Adri Fouche -
  Mr Lindsay Verdon -






The Board of the Club are elected to serve the interests of the Members and provide policy direction for the Club. 

Policies surrounding the golfing activities of the Club are administered by sub-committees or sub-clubs for each playing groups being Men's Vets, Women's Vets, Men's Golf, Women's Golf and Junior Golf. The Match Committee chaired by the Club Captain oversees these sub-committees and sub-clubs.

Women's Golf

  • President: Maus Grant
  • Vice-President: Di Henry
  • Captain: Lyn Somers 
  • Vice-Captain: Sheena Gunn 
  • Secretary: Margaret Bateman       
  • Treasurer: Di Phillips
  • Handicap Manager:  Lyn Sentance
  • Assistant Handicapper: Suzanne Savage



Women's Vets:

  • President: Vicki Newton
  • Vice President: Julie Robbins
  • Captain: Suzanne Savage
  • Secretary: Lynda Farthing
  • Treasurer: Maree Beacroft
  • Committee: Margaret Perkins

Men's Vets:

  • President: Neil Beecroft
  • Secretary: Gary Smith
  • Captain: Paul Atkin
  • Treasurer: Dennis Geisker
  • Vice-Captain: John Tracey (Annual Tournament Director)
  • Committee: Phil Johnson (House Committee), Peter Page, Bob Stewart


Policies surrounding the golf course are overseen by the Course Committee.

Policies concerning the Club's finance are overseen by the Finance Committee.

The Club has in place a number of steering and governing key documents, namely:


Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Report, Notice of AGM and Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2017

Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2018

Annual Report & Notice of 2018 AGM.

AGM Minutes 2018

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2019

Notice of AGM 2020

Annual Report 2019/2020 and Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2020

Women Golfers Annual Report 2020

Annual Report & Notice of AGM 2021

Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2021

Notice of AGM 2021


Important Information for Club Members

This club is by law required to make available to its members information that relates to the management and financial administration of the club including:

1. A register of disclosures made by the directors and employees of the club.
2. Details of the overseas travel made by the directors and employees of the club.
3. Details of loans given by the club to employees.
4. Details of contracts of employment of top executives.
5. Details of the payments made by the club for consultant services.
6. Details of legal settlements made by the club with a director or an employee of the club.
7. Details of legal fees paid by the club for a director or an employee of the club.
8. The club’s annual gaming machine profit.
9. The amount applied by the club to community development and support.

AND The club must provide quarterly financial statements to its board for adoption, and make them available to members, including: 1. The club’s profit and loss accounts and trading accounts for the quarter, and 2. A balance sheet as at the end of the quarter.